Boise Biodiesel

Cindy Zimmerman

Boise Mayor Boise, Idaho Mayor David Bieter has issued a directive to use biodiesel fuel in city vehicles as often as possible, with the goal of reducing petroleum consumption and cutting smog-causing emissions.

According to a press release from the Mayor’s office, the announcement was made Monday during a ceremony to mark Idaho Renewable Fuels Awareness Days during the month of September and the opening of the first public biodiesel pump in the Boise area.

“Biodiesel is gaining popularity because it’s good for the environment and can be used in almost any diesel vehicle built in the past 10 years,” Mayor Bieter said. “By moving to biodiesel as much as possible, our city fleet will be cutting petroleum use in those vehicles by 10 to 20 percent – one to two gallons with every fill-up. We hope businesses and the public will follow that fine example.”

The ceremony on Monday was held at the Main Street Stinker Store (stinker??). A total of 11 Stinker Stores in the Treasure Valley area will now offer biodiesel. The stations upgraded their pumps after receiving a $124,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Idaho Department of Water Resources. Find the full list of Treasure Valley biodiesel pumps in this story from KTVB.

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