Pipeline Quality Manure Methane

Cindy Zimmerman

Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc., an Idaho-based renewable alternate energy company, is turning dairy cow manure into natural gas. (see previous post)

Thanks to a partnership with Utah State University, ITR is the first company to produce pipeline-quality methane from cow manure. ITR is expanding its operations, and will now produce natural gas from 100 percent of the manure from 6,500 cows. Previously, the company was only utilizing about 30 percent of their clients’ waste. All of the gas will be put into a pipeline and sold to Intermountain Gas Company, according to ITR Vice President Brad Frazee.

The expansion will include an additional eight digester tanks and will produce enough gas to provide gas energy to 5,000 homes and any dairy with 2,000 or more cows could produce enough gas to make such a project viable.

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