Full Flex Fuel Facts

Cindy Zimmerman

Full Flex Logo Got a call today from FullFlex USA, a company in Idaho that sells a conversion system to make most any car a flex-fuel vehicle. Seems they saw the post on Flex Tek we did a while back (see previous post) and thought I might be interested in doing an interview about their system – and I was.

According to their website, “FULLFLEX GOLD Bi-Fuel Manager works with microprocessors that automatically adapt to your fuel system requirements. There is no polarity concern with Fullflex. The computer system calculates a ultra fine adjustment which may increase fuel economy and better performance for your vehicle.”

President and CFO Alex Conger owns this bright yellow Hummer, named “Ethyl,” that runs on 98 percent ethanol using the FullFlex system and he says he actually gets better fuel mileage with ethanol using the system than with regular gasoline!

You can listen to my interview with Alex here: Listen to MP3 Full Flex Interview (9 min MP3)

You can also see a video of Alex and Ethyl on their website, or from this YouTube link.

Alex doesn’t quote a price for the Full Flex system in the interview, saying that he would rather people would call so that he can find out exactly what vehicle they have and what their needs are. The toll free number is 866-568-3617 and the website is FullFlexInt.com. There is an on-line store with various models which range from about $420 to $700, depending on the vehicle type – monopoint, multipoint, throttle body injector, five cylinder, etc.

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