Happy To Fill Up & Feel Good

Chuck Zimmerman

At yesterday’s 7-11 ethanol pump promotion I got to talk with a couple of the people who were at the head of the line that was waiting to fill up.

Joe Davis (in the red truck) says that ethanol is good for the environment and he’s glad to see it. You can listen to my interview with Joe here: Listen to MP3 Joe Davis Interview (1 min MP3)

Besides Joe, I spoke to Eleanor, who was in one of these first cars in line. Eleanor is happy to be supporting Illinois corn growers and is especially happy that ethanol-blended fuel is cleaner for the air. She says that’s important to her and her grand children. You can listen to my interview with Eleanor here: Listen to MP3 Interview with Eleanor (1 min MP3)

Both Joe and Eleanor were also happy to buy their gas for $2.20/gallon today too!

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