US Farms Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

US Farms It’s a holiday so I am cleaning out my email and catching up on some posts that should have been done already.

Like this one – received on August 10 – better late than never!

US Farms of San Diego established a wholly owned subsidiary – Imperial Ethanol – dedicated to establishing a leading ethanol processing facility located in Imperial County, Ca. According to the release, the company plans to construct a 50 million gallon per year ethanol facility with capabilities of expanding to double the production or 100 million gallons a year. The company plans to use sugar beets and sugar cane as the main stock for the ethanol.

Kind of interesting, since it doesn’t say where they plan to get the sugar beets and/or cane. They don’t grow a whole lot of sugar beets in California (about 3 percent of US production) and no sugar cane at all (it’s all in FL, LA and HI). This company specializes in horticultural products – like veggies, floral and nursery plants. So, I would be curious to know where they plan to get their feedstock for this plant.