FlexFuel Motors Display

Chuck Zimmerman

The Ethanol ShowA new exhibit out here at the Farm Progress Show was put together in just the last 45 days by FlexFuel Motors.

The man who’s the inspiration and work horse behind it is Tad Whitten, Motor Sports Management, Inc. Besides having a variety of vehicles on display that utilize ethanol or biodiesel, he built a replica of the first ethanol filling station which was in Nebraska. As you can see in the picture he’s found pumps and other original equipment and even built the building as close to as possible to the original as he could.

There’s a skit that runs every little while with volunteer actors reliving what a typical fill up would have been like. They talk about ethanol and then it ends with a speech about renewable fuels and why they’re doing this.

I interviewed Tad and you can listen here: Listen to MP3 Tad Whitten Interview (5 min. MP3)

I didn’t videotape the show but I did record it as best I could so you can hear the audio here: Listen to MP3 Ethanol Show (5 min. MP3)

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