Light Posting

Cindy Zimmerman

I apologize for the light posting this week. I have been doing a “virtual press room” for the National Institute for Animal Agriculture ID INFO EXPO 2006 this week in Kansas City, so that has been keeping me busier than normal and out of the office. But, as you can see from the previous post, I did still manage to get in a Domestic Fuel moment.

Unlike my prolific poster husband, I just don’t have the stamina to multi-task the way he does at a meeting. I have to focus on the business at hand. So, I don’t even have a picture of me hard at work in the news room to post – or even one of me interviewing the Secretary of Agriculture. His personal photog got a pic that I might be able to get some time in the future, but I unfortunately did not get one with my own camera.

Be that as it may, here I am at 10 pm, sitting on the floor of the upper meeting room area of the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City doing my posting. Please allow me to vent – that’s what blogs are really for! I’m staying in this classy four-star hotel that has wireless access in the lobby and just about anywhere else OUTSIDE of your hotel room. So, if you don’t get a room, you have all the access you want, 24 hours a day.

However, if you pay $200 a night to stay in the place, you have to pay another $10 a day for internet access in your room! If I was in a Motel 6, I’d get it for free with my $75 room, along with a free breakfast in the morning. What is wrong with this picture?

So, that’s why I’m sitting on the floor posting right now. The first night I did pay the extra $10 for the access in my room, which is by ethernet. But last night I somehow screwed something up so I couldn’t get it to connect, which is actually saving money in the long run, but still is annoying.

OK – I’m done venting. Now I am packing up my computer and going to bed.