Greenline in the Fast Lane

Cindy Zimmerman

Greenline Here’s a company doing some great biodiesel work.

Greenline Industries of San Rafael, California manufactures a full range of biodiesel processing systems employing the very latest waterless technology. We serve a broad range of customers that include farm co-ops, small businesses, larger scale municipal interests, and full scale commercial plants delivering up to 40 million gallons of biodiesel per year, according to their website.

Greenline Award Earlier this year, Greenline received an Environmental Protection Agency’s Region Nine Environmental Award for it’s CF Series waterless continuous flow Biodiesel production process. Pictured are Greenline’s Michael Brown and Jacques Sinoncelli receiving the award from EPA representatives.

The company also recently made two major project announcements. One was the completion of the three million gallon per year Patriot Biofuels plant in Stuttgart, Arkansas. The other, a contract with Romanian food company S.C. ULEROM to build a 7 million gallons a year biodiesel facility in Vaslui province of Romania.