Ethanol Ok in OK

Cindy Zimmerman

Oklahoma Sustainable Energy LLC is well on its way to building a 55 million gallon a year plant in Enid, OK. OK Ethanol

The Alva (OK) Review Telegram reports that a Monday meeting for potential investors drew “scores of area residents” interested in hearing about the plan.

The group hopes to obtain 449 investors for the project which needs a minimum of $5 million and a maximum of $14 million. Chaparral Energy LLC, an Oklahoma oil and gas company, has committed to funding two-thirds of the project, according to the article.

“We are the only ethanol plan in the United States that has partnered with gas and oil,” President Terry Detrick said. “We feel we have hit a home run when the two major players – oil and agriculture – have married.”

The picture, from the Alva article, shows Michael Entz, Vice President and Terry Detrick, President of OSE, during the investment presentation. Photo by Helen Barrett