Souped-up Supra

Cindy Zimmerman

ACE Brad At the American Coalition for Ethanol meeting last week, Brad Mayo of Nashville had his souped-up 1997 Toyota Supra on display, which he has fine-tuned to run on up to 95 percent ethanol.

And not just run … run FAST! (Only in a street car race, of course – otherwise he drives the posted speed limit!)

Brad was working on this car when Chuck interviewed him prior to the Indy 500 this year (see previous post). It is a street car, so he drives it around all the time, which allows him to “e”vangelize about the performance aspects of ethanol since his sweet cherry red machine with the ethanol logo on it really catches peoples’ attention.

Here’s an interview I did with Brad at the ACE meeting: Listen To MP3 Brad Mayo (2:45 min MP3)

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