Consistency is the “e”

Cindy Zimmerman

ACE TomEthanol Promotion and Information Council Executive Director Tom Slunecka took to the podium at the American Coalition for Ethanol meeting this week to talk about how EPIC and ACE are working together to add value to the “e”.

“EPIC has only been around for about 18 months, but we are starting to make a real impact with consumers around the country,” Slunecka said. “Building a brand and a consistent look and feel for ethanol is vital for the long term viability of this industry.”

Slunecka drove home the point that one of EPIC’s major goals is to have consistent pump labeling for ethanol nationwide, so that the “e” will be universally recognized by consumers as a symbol for ethanol. “Consistency is the ‘e’,” he said.
South Dakota was the first state to go “e” and over 4500 gas stations in the state now sporting the colorful stickers on pumps with ethanol blends. “Illinois will be the next state,” Slunecka said. “Our goal is to get over 25 states by the end of the year.”

The ethanol “e” really stood for Everywhere at the ACE meeting. Walking through the trade show, it seemed like the “e” signs were in at least every other booth. That included ethanol plants, allied industries and other organizations like state corn grower groups. Nice to see how EPIC is really pulling the industry together to work for consumer education and promotion.

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