A Sad Day For Team Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

Steve King & ParentsI just received some very sad news regarding Steve King, King Racing. Steve was involved in a bad accident last evening at the 46th Annual Knoxville Nationals. I’ll just use the statement on the website:

Steve passed away at 15:32 today. He loved you all. Thank you so much for your support. Please keep our family in your prayers.

Steve is pictured to the right of his parents, Danny & Naomi. I met them prior to this year’s Indianapolis 500 on Ethanol Day. Steve was a tireless supporter of the ethanol industry and was a part of Team Ethanol. You can hear his passion for racing and this renewable fuel in the interview I did with him there.

Our hearts go out to Steve’s family. He and they are in our prayers and always will be.

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