ACE is the Place For Governors

Chuck Zimmerman

Kansas Governor Kathleen SebeliusThe American Coalition for Ethanol meeting in Kansas City featured the governors of rival states, one Democrat and one Republican, who both agree on the importance of ethanol to the economy.

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius told the record crowd attending the 19th annual ACE conference that to be successful, “our commitment to biofuels has to be real. It can’t just be a marketing pitch or an advertising slogan. Although I must say it is kinda cool to team up with the Indy car drivers as we promote this across the country.”

You can listen to her speech: Listen To MP3 Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius Speech (11 min MP3)

Missouri Governor Matt BluntGovernor Matt Blunt of Missouri received a long round of applause from the group when he talked about signing the ten percent ethanol standard for Missouri.

“The legislation requires that by January 1, 2008 virtually all gasoline sold in the state of Missouri will contain ten percent ethanol. With my signature, Missouri became the fourth state to enact such a law.”

You can listen to Governor Blunt’s Speech: Listen To MP3 Missouri Governor Matt Blunt (14 min MP3)

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