Fast Action

Cindy Zimmerman

Badger State Ethanol Media stories about Badger State Ethanol in Wisconsin being badgered by state officials about selling E85 too cheap prompted Governor Jim Doyle to declare that ethanol is not subject to the state’s 1930s-era minimum markup law which requires wholesalers to charge gas stations at least three percent more than they paid.

“Wisconsin is emerging as a leader in ethanol and other renewable fuels, and we need to build on that momentum,” Governor Doyle said. “I want to send a clear message to producers and consumers of ethanol that the State of Wisconsin will not do anything to artificially drive up the price. More and more drivers are turning to ethanol-based fuels because they are cheaper, and that is a trend we want to continue.”

Gary Kramer, President and General Manager of Badger State Ethanol is happy. “At a time when the legislature has been hostile to ethanol, Governor Doyle has shown incredible backbone in the fight to make our state and our country more energy independent,” Kramer said. “I applaud his action today.”

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