Delivering Biodiesel to Truckers

Cindy Zimmerman

Gulf Hydro Gulf Hydrocarbon recently opened a new biodiesel terminal at the Intercontinental Fuel Terminal in Houston, TX. The new terminal allows trucks from major local distributors and area truck stops to load diesel and biodiesel fuel and access its automated loading systems. Drivers are able to select a blend of their choice, from B10 to B100, drivers come with a partial load of diesel and “splash blend” the biodiesel on site. Hewitt

Gulf Hydrocarbon president Jess Hewitt says, “With the demand for diesel at 55 billion gals annually and biodiesel production at 75,000,000 gals annually, there is a significant demand for biodiesel to be used as a diesel fuel blend stock.”

Thanks to Nicole Haagenson for sending me that information.