Ag Truckers Support Domestic Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

AFTC The Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference of the American Trucking Associations has formed a Renewable Fuels Task Force to examine issues associated with renewable fuels and their importance to the commercial agricultural trucking industry in response to congressional action supporting the goal of establishing a national renewable energy goal whereby 25 percent of energy consumed in the United States must come from agricultural-based renewable fuels by the year 2025.

According to AFTC, Chairman Greg Owen says the resolutions will benefit AFTC members and the U.S. agricultural industry.

“With today’s rising energy costs and fuel charges, it is imperative that Americans and the business community work together to support renewable energy sources that can make the United States less dependent on imported sources of energy,” Owen said. “Commercial agricultural transportation will play a key role in the transport, distribution and use of renewable energy fuels.”

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