Pretty New Pumps

Cindy Zimmerman

E85 I wish everyone would send me press releases with nice pictures attached like this one from Dresser Wayne, “an industry pioneer for the retail fueling industry” whose motto is “Fueling the Future.”

They sent me a release about these pretty new E85 pumps just installed at 18 Kroger fuel stations in Dallas and Houston. The Dresser Wayne Vista 387 E85 dispenser contains components specifically designed to be tolerant to alcohol, making the dispenser more durable and resistant to corrosion. To bring the first industry-approved E85 retail fuel dispenser to the market, Dresser Wayne is partnering with CleanFUEL USA, recognized as a leader in the alternative fuels industry.

We might be seeing more of those pumps around. The U.S. House this week voted 355 to nine in favor of legislation to expand the infrastructure required for increased availability of alternative fuels at U.S. gas stations. The measure – HR 5534 – establishes a program for independent gas stations to apply for assistance to install infrastructure like E-85 pumps.