I Filled Up At the Wrong Pump

Chuck Zimmerman

MFA Oil PricesTravelling home late last night from a road trip I stopped for gas at an MFA Oil store in Columbia, MO.

It was very late and I was not very attentive I will admit. I looked at the pump on the island I was pulled up to and noticed that higher octane gas containing ethanol was priced the same as regular unleaded. That seemed to be a no-brainer.

However, when I was almost full I looked up and saw this sign for the first time and found out that they have an E-85 pump at a different island. Whoops. It’s 55 cents cheaper per gallon and I’m driving a flex fuel vehicle. Well, that was just par for the course on a day when my flight was an hour and a half late and I got to drive home for 2 hours through driving rain (we needed it here in Missouri though).

It’s nice to be seeing more E-85 pumps though. I’ve just got to be more observant!