Media Training

Cindy Zimmerman

Broin Companies I have been on the road for the past two days, up in Sioux Falls, SD at the Broin Companies to help with media training for some of the industry’s ethanol ambassadors. Broin Media Training
It was a very interesting group of people who are proving the performance value of ethanol in different types of vehicles. In the photo, I am doing a mock interview with one of the members of the Vanguard Squadron while the rest of the team looks on. The Vanguard Squadron is a precision aerobatic team based in South Dakota that has been flying planes powered by 100 percent ethanol since 1993. Great, fun group of guys. I will be posting more about them in the future.
Also at the event was Scott Jensen (see previous post), his wife Lisa and brother Jim, all part of the Ethanol Express Pull Truck team.
All of them were learning how to be more effective spokespersons for the ethanol industry when they are out at events.

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