Biodiesel Rebate

Cindy Zimmerman

Case Stack California-based CaseStack, Inc. is offering truckers a rebate to use biodiesel. According to the National Biodiesel Board, the Green Rebate Program began July 1 and will end two months later on September 1, 2006. CaseStack will give a rebate of 10 cents per gallon on any blend of biodiesel – up to $50.00 for the entirety of the program – per truck driver. Detailed information can be obtained through CaseStack’s Web site, by calling toll free 1-866-567-6644 or by texting the word “green” to 30364.
CaseStack, a logistics company, warehouses and handles shipping for several companies. CaseStack officials estimate that 70 percent of the truckers targeted in this program deliver to Wal-Mart distribution centers.