Made in the USA

Cindy Zimmerman

America 2006 may someday be known as the year our nation made a Declaration of Energy Indepedence.

When we declared our independence 230 years ago, there were many difficulties and hardships for the people of the new nation to face – not the least of which was a war. By cutting ourselves off from England we had to become more self-sufficient, and in many cases that involved sacrifice.

People complain about ethanol being less fuel efficient than gasoline, that it uses too much fertilizer or natural gas or water to make, that there’s not enough or it’s too expensive right now. But, it is made in America. The fossil fuels that we have been dependent on as a nation to fuel our vehicles are NOT. That is the real reason we are trying to make this happen and it won’t happen overnight. Our independence as a country did not happen overnight. It required effort, sacrifice, ingenuity, and the courage to make a change, even if it costs more.

Is ethanol the one and only answer to our energy independence? Absolutely not. Can we improve upon its shortcomings in terms of fuel efficiency, production and availability? Absolutely. Good old American know-how can make it happen. Cellulosic ethanol can address many of the issues and it is not too far down the road. And let’s not forget the other alternatives like biodiesel, biobutanol, hydrogen, etc. AND, we do need to learn how to conserve fuel by using less of it.

Domestic Fuel made in America is helping us on the road to energy independent as a nation. We grow our own food, we can grow our own fuel also. God bless America.