Big 3 FFV Promise

Cindy Zimmerman

GM DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation have announced plans to double the annual production of flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) to two million by the year 2010. Ford

According to an Illinois Corn Growers release, the auto manufacturers pledged this commitment last week in a letter addressed to members of Congress signed by Chrysler Group President and CEO, Tom LaSorda, Ford Motor Company Chairman and CEO, Bill Ford and General Motors Chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner. ChryslerThey indicated that through additional production of these vehicles, the country can help secure energy independence. They also indicated that the increase in production of FFVs can not do this job alone; the government must assist in allowing incentives for alternative fuel infrastructure and the price of E85 must be competitive to gasoline.

Read the complete letter here.

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