Convoy Closing Ceremony

Chuck Zimmerman

Interstate Convoy Closing CeremonyAt the end of the cross country convoy adventure, we had one last press conference as our closing ceremony for the historic trip.

It was supposed to be held on the Elipse at the zero mile marker but weather concerns put us indoors at the Reagan Center. Outgoing Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta was on hand just as he was at our start in San Francisco. Since our whole trip really honored the vision of one man, President Eisenhower, who signed the law creating the interstate highway system we also had a special guest on hand.

Mary EisenhowerShe is Mary Eisenhower, granddaughter to President Eisenhower. Like her son Merrill, who travelled with us, she is very well spoken.

Mary spoke on a very personal level and said of President Eisenhower that if she had one wish, it would be to say one last thing to him. She says she wishes he was here to see the progress that’s been made on his vision.

You can hear Mary’s remarks here: Listen to MP3 Mary Eisenhower Remarks (5 min MP3)

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