Visiting With Firestone

Chuck Zimmerman

Andrew FirestoneAfter leaving South Bend, IN we trekked onward to Akron, OH. Our host was the Firestone company and Andrew Firestone. Andrew is the great grandson of Harvey Firestone.

I talked to Andrew about what his thoughts are on the highway system, agriculture and renewable fuels. I think he had some very well thought out answers and am presenting them to you here: Listen to MP3 Andrew Firestone Interview (5 min MP3)

I also wanted you to see the convoy pulling into the Firestone headquarters after a 380 mile day which you can do here: Watch wmv file Pulling Into Firestone (2 min WMV)

Domestic Fuel coverage and participation in the AASHTO Interstate 50th Convoy is sponsored by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council.

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