Chicago Blues

Chuck Zimmerman

Carl WeathersbyAbout the only thing this post has to do with ethanol is the fact that a lot of it was being consumed around me last night at Buddy Guy’s Legends in downtown Chicago.

I went to see the awesome blues guitarist, Carl Weathersby, who was greatly influenced growing up by Albert King. Carl was even better that I expected and I’m glad I went. After so many days on the road you need at least a few hours to unwind. However, I got a late night reminder of the challenges we face with our interstate highway system when I sat in stopped traffic coming back to my hotel. 3 lanes solid for miles after midnight due to construction. It was 30 minutes getting there, over 2 hours getting back. I’m sure the original highway planners never envisioned that kind of traffic, especially at 12:30am.

I’m posting this video clip so my convoy buddies who didn’t go, know what they missed: Watch wmv file Carl Weathersby (1 min WMV)

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