Convoy Truck Driver

Chuck Zimmerman

Ralph GarciaTravelling along with our convoy is Ralph Garcia, Highway Safety Truck. Ralph was my ride back to the hotel last night.

It was my first time ever in an 18 wheeler and I have to say it was smooth. I interviewed Ralph about his part of the convoy and the program he’s representing out here. All of us who are driving in the convoy became certified in Highway Watch before we left San Francisco.

Ralph is a career trucker who says the Highway Watch program impressed him and he felt that supporting it was a way he could help make a difference in safety on the highway.

Listen to Ralph here: Listen to MP3 Ralph Garcia Interview (3 min MP3)

You can also see the inside of Ralph’s truck in a short video clip here: Watch wmv file Riding In The Highway Watch Truck (1 min WMV)

Domestic Fuel coverage and participation in the AASHTO Interstate 50th Convoy is sponsored by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council.

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