Test Specifications for B20

Cindy Zimmerman

The Engine Manufacturers Association has released a test specification for biodiesel fuel to facilitate testing and evaluation of how blended biodiesel fuels perform in today’s clean-burning diesel engines. According to a release, the EMA specifications establish technical requirements for blends of petroleum fuel and biodiesel fuel that can be used to assess the effects of such biodiesel fuels on engine performance, durability and emissions.

The National Biodiesel Board has been working cooperatively with EMA on test specifications since last October.

“By approving these specifications, EMA is acknowledging the growing demand and use of B20 by customers all over the country,” said Joe Jobe, CEO of NBB. “While many original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, have taken positive steps toward B20 approval, EMA’s actions are a huge step toward national biodiesel blend fuel standards that will enhance fuel quality measures and increase acceptance of B20.”