The Army Will Lead The Way

Chuck Zimmerman

Army ParticipantsIn 1919 Lt. Col Eisenhower (later to become President of the USA) made a cross country trip with primarily military participants. It showed the need for a good system of roads in this country which became the interstate system. Our commemorative journey in the reverse direction wouldn’t be complete without today’s military, represented by these Army soldiers. They are from left to right, Sgt. Alicia Sexton, SSG Eric Miller, SSG Adron Hayes and Sgt. Eggleston Jeter. All are with the Movement Control Team. They’ll be leading our convoy.

I talked briefly with Sgt. Sexton who says they’re just trying to figure out their role and duties since they just arrived. You can hear our interview here: Listen to MP3 Sgt. Alicia Sexton Interview (2 min MP3)