E85 Observations from the Road

Chuck Zimmerman

Rick TolmanI’m not the only one writing about ethanol on the road. So is Rick Tolman, CEO of the National Corn Growers Association. Rick’s posting some road commentary on E85 which you can find on this page. It’s not quite blogging but it’s close. Here’s an excerpt from his last post:

Yesterday, I reported on the state of E85 pricing and availability as my wife, Linda, and me set out on our road trip to St. Paul, Minn. I went so far as to characterize the pricing and availability as “ugly.” I am optimistic as we travel onward that pricing and availability will improve. There is only one E85 station in the greater St. Louis area (although the NEVC Web site www.e85fuel.com lists 59 stations in all of Missouri). Illinois has nearly twice the number of stations—122—so I am hopeful the E85 infrastructure is improving.

I think it’s great stuff that NCGA members will appreciate reading. You can also hear a report from Rick on the post too. Here’s a link to the latest audio report.

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