ADM CEO High on Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

ADM CEO Archer Daniels Midland CEO Patricia Woertz is expecting big profits from biofuels for her company in the next few years. According to an AP article, Woertz said profits from the renewable fuel plants “will be quite robust at something less than that.” Speaking by webcast from a conference in Paris Tuesday, Woertz also said that while there are a number of new competitors in the business, ADM’s advantage is “around experience, network capabilities and cost advantages.” ADM is the largest producer of ethanol, with a 25 percent market share.

Incidentally, there was a little piece of financial advice in USA Today this week about whether now would be a good time to invest in ADM to take part in the growth of alternative fuels. Financial writer Matt Krantz says, “It sounds corny, but you are late to this party.”

Meanwhile, VeraSun’s party is just getting started.