VeraSun is Hot

Cindy Zimmerman

Verasun Forbes is calling the pending IPO of VeraSun Energy a hot investment. “VeraSun Energy is profitable. Its planned IPO will be a winner, as the price of oil has hit about $70 per barrel amid high worldwide demand and growing concerns about the stability of the Middle East. VeraSun says it’s the second-largest ethanol producer in the United States with about 5% of the market, trailing Archer Daniels Midland, which claims about 24% of sales. However, VeraSun is the largest “pure play” in the sector because it focuses exclusively on the production of ethanol.”
Several other business pubs also did articles on VeraSun’s IPO, expected to dawn next week, because they increased the estimated price for shares by $2-3 up to $21-22 per share.