Political Ties Invest in Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

BluntMissouri Governor Matt Blunt made an ethanol mandate in the state one of his top priorities when elected. This year the legislature made that goal a reality – and now one of Blunt’s relatives is cashing in on the new state policy. According to the Columbia (MO) Tribune and other Missouri news sources, Andy Blunt, a lobbyist and political consultant who served as chairman of his brother’s 2004 gubernatorial campaign, confirmed yesterday that he is one of the founders of Central Missouri Biofuels LLC. The new company plans to invest in ethanol and biodiesel plants. Democrats in the state are making much ado about the connection, but Blunt says there is no conflict between his brother’s new business and the ethanol legislation he will soon sign into law.
The picture shown is of Governor Blunt at the opening of Mid-Missouri Energy one year ago this month.