Flex-Tek Interview

Cindy Zimmerman

Flex TekI spoke with Bill Smith, CEO of XCel Plus International about the E-85 Ethanol FlexTek Adaptor Kit that they are launching here in the U.S. I abbreviated our interview to 7:30 minutes for your listening pleasure. Listen To  MP3 Flex-Tek Interview (7:30 min MP3)

He goes into a lot of detail about how the converter works and says it is a proven technology that has been used in Brazil for years.

Their website says the converter is legal – even though, as pointed out in a comment on the last post, the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition website says such an animal does not exist. I asked Smith if he is working with NEVC on promoting Flex-Tek and he says they are interested in getting involved with any group promoting the use of ethanol in the U.S.

Converting a car to make it run on E85 is likely to cause some issues with vehicle warrenties, but Smith says they are working on their own warrenty for the technology and any parts that could be damaged.

I would invite you to find out more about Xcel Plus products on their website xcelplus.com or call 800-472-7409 to ask them your own questions.

By the way, I asked Smith about the lizard in the Flex-Tek logo seen here. He says his name is Fred and he’s actually a certain kind of chameleon that changes from green to yellow – like the GM “Live Green, Go Yellow” slogan promoting flex fuel vehicles. Clever.

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