The Race Is On

Chuck Zimmerman

Green Flag StartThe race has started. After the first lap we had a two-car accident but no injuries and car #17 is looking good right now. After this post I won’t do any until after the race.

The one thing you like to hear here is the famous words, “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.” You can hear it here: Listen To  MP3 Start Your Engines (1 min MP3) Post Update: I assumed that Ms Hulman would say “Lady” instead of “Ladies” but we thought it came out plural and after listening to my recording from the stands you can’t really tell. Those around me all thought she said it plural.

I’m also listening in on a radio scanner to the driver/pit communication which is very cool. It sounds like things are going well right now.

Watch here: Watch WMV Cars Home Stretch (1 min wmv)

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