MFA Oil And Mid Missouri Energy

Chuck Zimmerman

MFA/MME Ribbon CuttingThe big announcement from MFA Oil and Mid Missouri Energy was made this morning as we reported earlier this week. Pictured are members of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, along with Phil Lampert (NEVC), Ryland Utlaut (Mid-Missouri Energy) and Jerry Taylor (MFA Oil) in a ribbon-cutting ceremony signifying the launch of the partnership.

Thanks to the folks at the Missouri Corn Growers Association we’ve got some audio for you. Tyne Morgan interviewed MFA Oil President, Jerry Taylor. He talks about what the company is doing to increase the availability and accessability of E85 fuel around the state of Missouri. You can listen to that interview here: Listen To MP3 Jerry Taylor Interview (5 min MP3)

Representatives from two farmer-owner cooperatives have announced a partnership created to make E85 fuel more readily available and affordable to Missourians by offering it at 20 percent less than regular unleaded gasoline. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline and is used in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs).

MFA Oil Company currently offers E85 at 25 of its Break Time convenience stores and Petro-Card 24 locations. Taylor said the company is already implementing its plan to double the number of facilities equipped with E85 pumps. The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC) is providing part of the funding for the additional E85 pumps.

To promote E85 awareness, Taylor announced that MFA Oil Company would give away a 2006 Ford F-150 FFV at the Fourth of July Fire in the Sky celebration in Columbia. Details and registration boxes are available at all MFA Oil Break Time, Jiffy Lube, Big O Tires and refined fuel facilities in Missouri. “As we move into Memorial Day weekend and begin the summer traveling season, it is the ideal time to educate Missourians how they can partner with MFA Oil Company in an effort to increase the use of E85,” Taylor concluded. “This partnership not only will benefit Missouri farmers, but will put money back into the Missouri economy in an environmentally friendly way.”

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