Drivers Want E85

Chuck Zimmerman

American Lung Association of the Upper MidwestThe American Lung Assocation of the Upper Midwest just released survey results that say that drivers want E85. Some findings from the study include:

  • Nearly all respondents in all regions expressed strong interest in purchasing a vehicle that could use E85.
  • More than 80 percent strongly or somewhat preferred an E85-capable flexible fuel vehicle recognized as a Clean Air Choice.
  • Midwesterners are most aware of E85 with more than 65 percent saying they are very or somewhat familiar with the cleaner burning, renewable-based gasoline alternative.
  • Eighty-five percent of respondents indicated they would strongly or somewhat prefer a fuel company that offers both gasoline and E85 and is recognized as a Clean Air Choice.
  • GM and Ford are the perceived leaders in FFV production, with GM gaining 10 percent since Phoenix Automotive conducted a similar survey in January 2006.
  • More than 80 percent of respondents believed that recognition by the American Lung Association helped affirm the positive effects the use of E85 will have on the environment.

  • The online survey of vehicle owners focused primarily on the “Ethanol Heartland” states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin; however, it also included subsets of both California drivers and respondents from across the United States as a national benchmark. Conducted by Phoenix Automotive, a Birmingham, Michigan-based division of Phoenix Marketing International, on behalf of the American Lung Association of Minnesota, the survey sampled the opinions of 1,651 vehicle owners. The complete survey and details are available at Information about Clean Air Choice Partnerships is also available through the website.

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