Handing Over The Keys

Chuck Zimmerman

Ed Peper & Becky SkillmanOne of the speakers at today’s Ethanol Summit was Ed Peper, General Manager of Chevrolet. He’s pictured here with Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman.

I interviewed Ed about General Motors committment to alternative fuel vehicles (AFV’s) after his remarks to the Summit attendees. He made it very clear that GM is in the alternative fuels business to stay. He says they were the first manufacturer to get involved and they have the most AFV’s on the road today.

You can listent to my interview with Ed here: Listen To MP3 Ed Peper Interview (3 min MP3)

Ed Peper & Becky SkillmanDuring Ed’s presentation he highlighted GM’s continued involvement in the Indianapolis 500 as well as their commitment to Indiana and the E-85 flex fuel initiative. He also presented the keys to a new Chevrolet E-85 Tahoe to the Lt. Governor, which she will use as an educational tool to promote the use of renewable fuels.

The Tahoe also symbolizes Indiana’s committment to agriculture and the environment. This is the second year that GM has provided a vehicle to the state as part of the Governor’s ethanol coalition. General Motors is currently the largest producer of E-85 flesible fuels vehicles with nearly 2 million on the road. There are over 70,000 GM E-85 vehicles in Indiana. They have five plants in the state, over 200 GM dealers, and over 10,000 employees.

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