American Ethanol Has Big Plans

Chuck Zimmerman

American EthanolWhile we’re on the subject of new ethanol facilities how about American Ethanol? According to their website they’re planning to build and build and build . . .

American Ethanol plans to develop more than two billion gallons of annual ethanol production capacity to address America’s growing renewable and high-octane fuel requirements. Ethanol reduces dependence on foreign energy sources in an environmentally responsible manner. The company plans to build fifteen ethanol plants and to invest in the expansion of a plant that is currently operating in Iowa.

This is why they say they’re investing in ethanol.

Ethanol is an octane-boosting fuel additive made from corn and other bio-sources. The demand for ethanol has soared as consumers and public policy makers recognize its positive impact on air quality, as well as its economic and national security benefits.

You can see some information about where they plan to build these plants here.

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