Interview With Energy Secretary

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol CarWell I’m here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on “Ethanol Day.” The day started out wet but dried up just before the Secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman arrived. He was able to see the Ethanol Car take a couple laps.

I got to interview Secretary Bodman on his way to the track. He is very impressed with what Ethanol Carhe’s seen here today and says that his visit here means a great deal to him personally. As for his department, he says they’re seeking more and more ethanol to be used all through our country. The Secretary is from Illinois and this is his first visit to the track. He also made the point that ethanol helps make sure that the money spent by consumers on gas, stays here in the country. The Secretary is pictured trackside (r) with Tom Branhan, CEO of Glacial Lakes Energy and President of the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council.

You can listen to my interview with Secretary of Energy, Bodman here: Listen To MP3 Secretary Bodman Interview (3 min MP3)

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