Vacaville Voyage

Chuck Zimmerman

Ed Huestis & Annabel CookAnnabel Cook, Honda, pictured here with Ed Huestis, City of Vacaville, CA, brought Ed to me and I’m glad she did. Besides the fact that Ed is just a great guy to know he’s got an interesting story.

Ed drove here in a Honda NG vehicle. In the picture they’re standing in front of a new Civic which was unveiled here at the Congress yesterday. I’m pretty sure Ed’s got his eyes on a new one now.

I interviewed Ed so you can hear his story. He describes what he does and how Vacaville not only works to utilize alternative fuel vehicles in their operations but how they offer incentive programs to residents who invest in alt fuel vehicles themselves.

I think you’ll enjoy the interview: Listen To MP3 Ed Huestis Interview (9 min MP3)

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