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Chuck Zimmerman

Ed HarteOur sponsor for coverage of the Clean Cities Congress is Southern California Gas Company, a Sempra Energy Utility. So I was very happy to meet the guys pictured here. They are Mike Franco, Stan Sinclair, Ed Harte and Michael Bolin.

Ed volunteered for my interview so we can learn more about them and their company. SoCal has invested in the infrastructure to supply natural gas in southern California and it’s their fastest growing product area right now. Besides being a supplier to consumers and businesses they have a training program and see continuted growth in this market.

You can learn a lot more about Sempra Energy in my interview with Ed Harte: Listen To MP3 Ed Harte Interview (8 min MP3)

Domestic Fuel coverage of the Clean Cities Congress is made possible by the following sponsors:
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute Southern California Gas Company

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