Good Time For Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

60 Minutes The folks at the Clean Cities Congress must be loving CBS.

The ethanol industry could hardly have written a better story for itself than “60 Minutes” did tonight. Amazingly, it was all positive – not a discouraging word was heard. Maybe it was because Dan would rather make “Big Oil” look bad than Iowa ethanol farmers. Rather seemed to take particular pleasure in grilling Red Cavaney, the head of the American Petroleum Institute about the cost of switching to E-85, which the oil industry estimates will be $200,000 per station, while Daniel Kammen with the Renewable Energy Lab at the University of California-Berkeley says it’s more like $30-40,000.

“Why shouldn’t I think, well, this is just a way for the oil companies to slow or snuff out the growth of ethanol, and other alternatives?” Rather asked.
“We think we’ve shown that we’re strong supporters for ethanol where it’s appropriate,” Cavaney answered.
But what the oil industry considers “appropriate” is limiting ethanol to an additive and not moving quickly to something like E-85.

Read the whole report or watch the video here.

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