But enough about me, let’s talk about fuel

Peter WestYou maybe read the little bio about who I am, so I am not going to spend a lot of time introducing myself. But just in case you didn’t read it, my name is Peter West, and I am a sophomore Marketing major from Emerson College in Boston. I am spending the week in sunny (when I say sunny, I mean ridiculously hot) Phoenix, Arizona, where I will be working with registration at the Clean Cities conference. During this week, I hope to find out really what is going on in the world of alternative fuels, and why exactly they are such a big deal. The only information which has been directed at today’s youth on the threat of the wasteful society we live in, comes from over exaggerated movies on the end of the world via global warming, or from screaming talk show liberals. The youth of today is tomorrow’s economic powerhouse, and I want to know how alternative fuels can be marketed towards a younger demographic. The technology is out there, the cars are in production, now all that is needed are people willing to trade in their Hummers for more fuel efficient alternatives. It can happen, us kids just need a little information.

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