JW Writes:

Cindy Zimmerman

JWIf you’ve seen the news lately, you undoubtedly have seen a story about the high cost of gas. Bad news is, get used to it. Good news is there are clean burning alternatives that hold promise. Without doubt, blends of ethanol and biodiesel burn cleaner and extend the supply of oil. That’s why bills like the one that just advanced in Missouri to require a 10% ethanol blend for all gas sold in Missouri make sense. There is a similar one regarding biodiesel which hasn’t made it through yet. Why all the buzz about ethanol and not so much biodiesel?
The obvious answer is most passenger vehicles in America have gasoline engines. Biodiesel is quickly becoming popular with truckers and government fleets, and is gaining ground with consumers. The problem with alternative fuels however is replacing all the existing gasoline burning vehicles with clean burning models. That’s the reason blends make sense for transition. Meanwhile, as consumers we should demand new alternatives and more efficient engines.
Understandably, oil companies have resisted the switch to a new fuel because it destroys their business. We’ve come to the point where we can no longer be concerned about the welfare of big corporations. The future is now, and it includes domestic fuels.