Ethanol + Diesel + City Buses = Cleaner Air

Cindy Zimmerman

CityHome The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) has joined the CityHome™ program, a major national clean air initiative designed to create a better quality of life for city residents by improving urban air quality. According to a news release from the O2Diesel Corporation,

By embracing the CityHome challenge, EPIC can continue to show that the benefits of ethanol are not limited to gasoline. Making diesel fuel perform as efficiently as possible, while being good stewards of the environment, are critical goals for industry and government. It is a natural fit for EPIC to support the CityHome initiative using O2Diesel™, a cleaner burning ethanol diesel blend.

It looks like the program is currently operating in Nebraska and the whole effort is to use this O2Diesel in municipal buses. According to the CityHome website, CityHome officially launched March 10, 2005 in Lincoln, Nebraska with its StarTran system. StarTran is the first municipal transit system in the U.S. to convert its bus fleet of 67 vehicles to O2Diesel’s cleaner burning ethanol diesel blend. The program will expand very quickly over the next 12 months to other cities, primarily in the Midwest, California, Texas and East Coast.

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