Feel Good When You Fill Up on Vacation

Cindy Zimmerman

EPIC Did you know that 76 percent of all vacations are taken by car? I did not know that. But, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) does and they are encouraging vacationers this year to fill up with ethanol on the road and feel good about leaving less pollution behind. An EPIC press release urges motorists to make note of the many service stations across the country that offer ethanol-enriched fuel before leaving on vacation. EPIC executive director Tom Sluneka wants Americans to know that “Ethanol-enriched fuel is environmentally friendly, renewable and is currently available at thousands of gas stations across the country,” accounting for about three percent of all automotive fuels sold in the United States. EPIC also stresses that gasoline blended with ten percent ethanol can run in any car sold in the US. Since there are no national standards for ethanol fuel labeling, look for a sticker on the pump with the words “Ethanol-blended fuel” or “E-10.” If no label is visible, ask the retailer if ethanol is available. For flex-fuel vehicles that can run on 85 percent ethanol, check on drivingethanol.org to find out where to fill up.

EPIC, Ethanol