EPIC & the IRL Get Tropical In Miami

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol Miami TestOn Saturday I was travelling back from last week’s Commodity Classic so I didn’t get to attend the press conference held in Miami for the Indy Racing League and our sponsor, EPIC. However, we bloggers have our ways of getting information. You can find out what the things on the table in this picture are by reading below. So here’s what happened:

On Saturday March 4, the Indy Racing League and EPIC (Ethanol Promotion and Information Council) held a joint news conference at the Homestead Miami Speedway in Homestead Florida. The focus was the IndyCar Series fuel partnership, which kicks off this year. In 2006, the IndyCar Series racing vehicles will use a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% methanol (as opposed to 100% methanol that was used last year). In 2007, the IndyCar Series switches to 100% ethanol.

Ethanol Miami TestTeam Ethanol driver Paul Dana (pictured) participated in the news conference and told his story about how he was instrumental in bringing the ethanol opportunity to the Indy Racing League. IRL executives Jeff Horton and John Lewis shared the reasons behind the switch. From the League’s perspective, it was a natural way to continue its leadership in racing to include burning an environmentally responsible fuel that performs beautifully in racing machines.

During the news conference, the biggest hit of the day was the “commodities”
Ethanol Miami Testtable (pictured above) where EPIC displayed various raw ingredients that are used to make ethanol. Reporters came over to run their fingers through the barley and wheat and find out just exactly what milo looks like!

EPIC representatives Steve Rust and Tom Slunecka (pictured) talked to reporters from the racing media as well as local Miami radio and TV stations and newspapers.

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