MO Rally for Ethanol Mandate

Cindy Zimmerman

MCGA Rally MCGA Rally 2Here are some pictures from the “Energy Independence Rally” yesterday at the Missouri State Capitol. According to the Missouri Corn Growers Association press releaseOver two hundred farmers and ethanol advocates met at the Missouri State Capitol (Tuesday) to show their support for increased energy independence and the Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard (MoRFS), legislation that would require nearly all the gasoline sold in the state contain 10 percent ethanol. It was a nice crowd and I would say that estimate is just about right. The event started at the Missouri Farm Bureau Building and ended in the halls of the capitol. The large crowd of farmers, ethanol plant members, business officials, community leaders, FFA students and others traveled to Jefferson City, Mo., to meet with lawmakers and push for passage of the statewide ethanol standard.
Once passed, Missouri will join Minnesota, Montana and Hawaii to become the fourth state in the nation to establish a statewide renewable fuel standard. Ethanol legislation is also currently pending in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and most recently, Idaho.
Thanks to Becky Grisham with MCGA for the pictures. I really need to start carrying a camera with me in my car like my husband does!