Veridium/Mean Green Deal to Make Biodiesel from Corn Oil

Cindy Zimmerman

Veridium Mean Green The marriage of Veridium Corporation and Mean Green Biofuels announced earlier this month (see previous post) is now resulting in the former selling corn oil to the latter to make into biodiesel. Quite frankly, not being a big business reporter, it’s all complicated corporate manuevering to me – but here’s the link to today’s press release that explains it for those who understand that kind of stuff. Near as I can figure it, parent company GreenShift arranged the marriage of these two baby companies to trade off the technology and by-products of the ethanol and biodiesel business. Okay, so that’s the simplified version – for simple people like me. It is complicated, but I know the bottom line is there is some really cool stuff going on with these companies that is going to result in more ethanol/biodiesel joint ventures in the future.

Biodiesel, Ethanol