Blogging Ain’t Easy

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association found out just how time-consuming blogging can be this week during the National Ethanol Conference in Vegas. Sure, it looks easy – but to do it right, you really need to put A LOT of time into it. Trust me. This is the only ZimmComm blog that I take responsibility for and that’s more than enough for me.

My dear husband and business partner spends the better part of his working moments feeding the blog monsters he has created. If you never checked out his coverage of the recent National Biodiesel Conference, you should – just to see how good he really is. He posted audio, video, pictures, text and covered every major event at that meeting BY HIMSELF. It can mean doing some logistical gymnastics, but he just keeps getting better.

This week he has been in Des Moines covering a Pioneer media event – next week he will be heading to Anaheim for the corn and soybean growers Commodity Classic. Fortunately, he will be getting some help there in the form of two college interns. Monsanto decided to pay for a couple of ag journalism majors to attend the Classic to get some hands-on media experience and they have been gracious enough to let them learn how to do some intense “new media” coverage from a master.

Anyway – back to the RFA conference blog – which my husband would argue is not really a blog, but whatever – cheers to Matt Hartwig for his learning experience. We suspected he would find it was a bit more difficult than he thought to try and juggle that along with his regular responsibilities as communications director. Hey Matt – if you want to book us for next year’s conference – we’re available.

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